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Don't join programs and earn only 10% or 25% for your efforts when you can earn 300%

Make your money fast and easy! My mission is to help you make money without all of the stress and hype other money making programs put you through. I am a wholesaler and you are my potential client. I will deliver you quality to keep your trust and business. It's a win win situation!

If you are new to selling jewelry; no worries you can purchase the 

"Ultimate Guide" to get you up to speed and making a lot of fast money!

If you are motivated you can read "7 Tips to Selling Wholesale Jewelry" and make it rain as soon as you receive your order.

Sell for an average of $25 per piece and make $21.67 profit! 
5 stylist sell only 10 pieces a week at $20 you will make $1,083.50 a week!
An ambitious individual can make that income every week by selling to busy salons on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

$40 a dozen -That’s only $3.33 a piece. 

Sells up to $49.99 at the Mall

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Your supply will be diverse and exciting with each order. 

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